Mashatu Mashatu Young female leopard Chewing on an impala leg in the dense branches of a very tall tree. Taken by the light of a single torch momentarily played over her by our guide while I held my breath and a 500mm tele lens at a 60th of a second. 196496407 Lion at sunset With the Landrover hanging precariously halfway up a river bank and challenging gravity, the position gave me the opportunity of a ground-level perspective on this fine cat. 196496408 Mature Warthog Seen from an eye-level hide this regal warthog came for an afternoon drink. The converted ships's container hide is the brainchild and property of renowned photographer Shem Compion of Mashatu and is well worth a session or two of getting down to the level of the wildlife. 196496409 Kudu with Ox-Picker accessory Also seen from the Compion hide, this kudu cow paused to survey the landscape while the red-billed avian vacuum cleaner did an ear-job on her ticks. 196496410