married a Nikon camera in 1960 and Rhona Lewis in 1970. While the two wives get on extremely well, the bigamous bliss has produced a family of three adult children, four Nikon cameras, a dozen lenses and an archive of enough images to rival the British Museum. After a career of 22 years in the academic world, 10 years in  corporate affairs and 10 years as a communications executive, I retired in 2002. As a published author, I continue to write, but I spend more time on my passion for photographing wildlife and people. Based at the family beach-house in Kwazulu-Natal, I recently conducted a photographic study of an African Crowned Eagle pair rearing their fourth annual offspring on a nearby golf estate. Photographing the birds' behaviour from a distance of nearly 100metres was a challenge, but more than 200 hours of observation reminded me just how privileged we are with the scope for nature photography in South Africa. email address: